On Thursday 23rd November  Airmyn  school footballers who went to St James’s school for the  humberside football tournement. The people who went were Ryan, Freddie, Leo,Hayden.M, Callum, Hayden.B, Issac , Jayden and Jenson.We got lost on the way there, but finally found were it was. The first game we played we played St Martins, who we thrashed 4-0. Our defender Freddie Wright, scored an outstanding knuckle ball from his own box. Our second game we played was against Ellingbourogh. We won them 2-0 but it was a very close game. The last game we played was against Cherry Burton, who won at South Hensley, it was a close again but the last 10 seconds our striker Ryan Jackson scored an unbelievable volley that made us win

By RyanJackson