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Port To Pit Part 1

Our first group of Year Fours have had a wonderful time on the Pit To Port trip, spending two nights afloat on the barge Sobriety.
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Election Special from Dalby Class!






I would make sure children read more at home and at school.  Daisy

I would lend more money for cancer research. Callum

I would  give the poor more money.  Sophia

I would make sure there are at least 3 rubbish bins in every park.  Millie

I would make more hospitals.  Lola

I would make fidget spinners banned from all schools because children fidget with them instead of listening to what they are being told.  Eva

I would make more homeless shelters.  Owen

I would encourage recycling and physical exercise.  Isaac

I would make all cars electric to cut air pollution.  Molly Stones

I will make people take care of dogs and cats.  Christian

I would lower the driving age from 18 to 16 because I think people of 16 are responsible enough to drive.  Max

I would try to stop bullies picking on children.  Tristan

I would make more houses.  Cameron

I would put more police officers on duty.  Jensen

I would let the poor people get more money.  Ava Gray

I would help the poor by giving them more money.  Aaliyah

I would try and save animals  by making homes with food and water and care for them.  Ollie

I would help the people who are ill with cancer or a desease by employing more nurses and doctors.  Imogen

I would make footballers get paid less money and give more money to poor people so they can go to shelters.  Joey

I would help people with cancer by paying doctors more money so there are more doctors. William

If I were Prime Minister, I would send more food and fresh water to Africa. Lily.

Poor people would pay less for their bills.  Phoebe

I would make taxes lower for poor people.  Benni

If I were Prime Minister I would help hospitals or people will illness by having more doctors and nurses.  Jacob Wan

I would provide more houses to help the poor.  Jayden

I would give more more  to charity.  Jacob Poulton

I would give more houses and money to homeless people.  Hayden

I would stop bad things happening by having more police and army.  Molly

If I were Prime Minister, I would put more slides and parks near shops.  I would put more books in libraries to make children read more.  Evie Hurson

Put more climbing frames in school playgrounds.  George





KS2 Go Wild Day

Key Stage Two’s Go Wild Day was another scorcher!  In the morning the children pond dipped, cooked soup outside, gardened, and created leaf art creatures and natural weaving.  After a picnic on the field, they took part in team-building exercises, before building 2-man shelters.  At the end of a lovely but very hot day, the Family and Friends ice cream factory was very welcome!

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KS1 Go Wild Day

Key Stage One enjoyed fantastic weather on their Go Wild Day this year.  They went pond dipping, bug hunting and bumblebee counting, as well as taking part in a maths trail and creating a bee-friendly garden.  The afternoon finished with the ever-popular toasted marshmallows and songs around the campfire with family and friends.

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