The general aims of the school, outlined below, are intended to allow pupils:

1 To develop a sense of self-respect and self confidence leading to satisfaction and personal fulfilment at each stage of development.

2 To develop lively, enquiring minds, imagination and the ability to question and to reason.

3 To apply themselves to a variety of tasks and to see those through to the end.

4 To acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to their future lives in a rapidly changing

technological world.

5 To develop proficiency in the use of language and number.

6 To develop a morality based on religious and family values and a respect for other races, religions and ways of life.

7 To build up and preserve good, lasting traditions of fairness, duty and service to individuals, the school and the community.

8 To develop strength, agility and high standards of physical health.

9 To understand the world in which we live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.

10 To appreciate past and present achievements and aspirations.

The school aims to establish a stimulating environment in which the learning process may take place. A range of experiences is offered, flexible enough to take account of the individual differences in the way that children acquire knowledge and understanding. We hope to provide opportunities that will encourage all children to realise their full potential.

Everyone in school – teachers, support staff and the children themselves work very hard to maintain an atmosphere which is happy, calm and purposeful.